Wire Stripper Machine

Machine of easy operation and of safe form, it guarantees to the operator high productivity and tranquility in the use in its day to day.

Unclogs wire of various sizes

from 1 to 55 millimeters in diameter

Motor 1HP 1,750RPM

Single Phase or Three Phase

Knife made with special steel

VND special steel hardened with 62 hardness

6 armored bearings

Lower friction and heating

Dan-Mak has been in the market for recycling machinery since 2002

Dan-Mak is a company with 16 years of market, which operates in the field of machinery for recycling.
Over the years, we have identified the main needs of this market, and can thus innovate more and more in the field. Our main novelty is the wire stripping machine with the ability to strip the thinner wires from 1mm to the thickest 55mm, saving time at the time of recycling.
In addition to sales nationwide, DanMak also works with exports, thus bringing this newness to other countries.

Company headquarters

Brazil | São Paulo

R. Batalha do Jataí, 148 Vila Sabrina, São Paulo
SP – Brasil , 02141-050

Contact us

For more information about questions, delivery and export, please contact us by the form, by email or by phone.

+55 11 4332.2299